Company Information

Wireless Vision was founded by Gerald Muldowney in 2008 for the purpose of providing turn key development services to the Wireless Telecommunications Industry. As a Graduate Engineer; a licensed Professional Engineer, and a licensed Professional Land Surveyor, Mr. Muldowney has worked in association with the Development Industry for over 35 years. He has provided turn key professional services to the Wireless Telecommunications Industry on over 400 wireless telecommunications sites since 1992.

The establishment of Wireless Vision has provided the opportunity to create a greater service area to benefit our clients and the opportunity to increase the overall services we provide. An example of an added service is RF Analysis which is geared for the use of our independent tower development clients. Our analysis work assists in identifying areas of need for the development of wireless telecommunications co-location facilities.

It is the goal of Wireless Vision to provide the timely high quality comprehensive development services necessary to deliver a successful project. From RF analysis and need assessment to the site acquisition process through construction, Wireless Vision relies on the ability to identify unique solutions based on developed expertise.

Wireless Vision provides RF Analysis, zoning services and construction management services through our in-house Staff. Site acquisition and professional services are provided through our sister company Dynan Group.

The Turn-key services provide by Wireless Vision include the following: RF analysis; real estate services; zoning services; land surveying; civil engineering; structural engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering and construction management.

The products represented in the above listed services include: opportunity site identification and analysis; tower scrubs; zoning analysis; lease parcel candidate identification; lease negotiation; certified balloon tests; certified photo simulation; line-of-sight analysis; visual Impact analysis; zoning drawings; FAA 2-C certifications; boundary surveys; A&E construction drawings; Geotechnical sub-surface investigation; structural analysis, platform design; Phase I; NEPA ; SHPO; site walks; project bidding; construction observation; as-built surveys; and project close-out.

We are pleased to offer the above services separately or as part of a comprehensive package. Wireless Vision is dedicated to providing quick turn around time and quality products.

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